What is PP Woven Bag?

ž    PP Bags are known for their high weight bearing ability, good tearing strength, water resistant nature, and non-toxic property. They are completely suitable to be used for bulk packing of various food & non-food items including wheat, rice, pulses, spices, sugar, cement, grout, and fertilizers. These bags show excellent tensile strength & UV stability with superior moisture resistance and can be sealed with help of automatic bag stitching machine. They can easily be reused with similar properties and good reliability. PP Bags gives flexibility to be stored in open area while keeping packed item safe from dust & other external factors. They can be availed in customized dimensional configurations at reasonable rates.
ž   PP stands for Polypropylene .It is a thermoplastic resin extracted via the process of polymerization. Woven propylene is the propylene strips that are being woven in both directions to manufacture a light-weighted yet strong material. The bags
      created using this material is known as PP woven bags. 

Technical information 

žUV Protection: 200 to 1600 hours
žWidth: 12 inch- 56 inch″(30cm -142cm)
žLength:- As specified by the customer
žColors: As specified by the customer
žCapacity: As specified by the customer
žLamination: 12 inch- 56 inch″(30cm -142cm)
žMesh: 8 X 8 TO 14 X 14

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